The 1 Most Important thing That will make or break your e-commerce business in 2021

Jeff bezos amazon CEO

I started my E-commerce journey back when i was 12. I tried everything from youtube to dropshipping to social media marketing, i had some success with those but it was nothing crazy. I’ll get to why is that later.

From all those things that i tried, only one got me great results and it’s selling on big marketplaces like amazon & ebay. Here’s why.

2 Reasons Why i was only able to succeed in big marketplaces:

1 .Product Value proposition:

If your product value proposition isn’t valuable for your target customer, well… they won’t buy, this part is pretty self-explanatory, and you should definitely research it once you read this article.

2. Marketing and Advertisement:

Marketing your product is the 2nd most important part of your business after the product itself, choosing the right advertisement strategy is crucial and one of the best investements you could make in your business in general.

Here’s what you can do to make your e-commerce business succeed easily:

i’m sure you’ve heard somewhere that selling to an already existing large customer-base is easy and effectif, here’s why.

Let’s say there are two companies selling the same product, one starts their own online store and pays for ads to bring traffic and then convert it to customers, The other one does the same thing except they don’t run paid ads, they instead sell on a third party marketplace and drive traffic from there.

Now who do you think has a better chance to succeed? if this was 2016, the first one has a better chance, but since we’re not in 2016 anymore, the second company has a way better chance.

Their are many reasons behind why is that, one being the lack of trust between customers and regular e-commerce brands, contrary to big marketplaces, wich makes them a goldmine for people like me & you.

Here is a graph showing some benefits you could gain by selling on big ecommerce marketplaces

graph showing some benefits you could gain by selling on big ecommerce marketplaces
Benefits that a company gains by selling through an e-commerce marketplace

What should you do now?

If there’s one things i want you to take away from this article is that establishing a presence on big marketplaces should be one of your main business goals this year, it will lower the cost of acquiring new customers, help you build trust with them and most importantly increase your sales and profitability, Good luck to evryone reading this, and thank you if you’ve made it this far!

P.S: This is my first article ever, if you could maybe give me some tips on how i can improve, i would massively appreciate it:-)



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